Lounge & Breakfast

Relax, read, work, or simply do nothing and unwind? That’s exactly what our lounge is designed for. Rediscover the pleasure of reading a book with paper pages – perhaps Jacky Donatz’s cookbook.

«While Humanity will be amusing itself, or enjoying cultivated leisure – which, and not labour, is the aim of man — or making beautiful things, or reading beautiful things, or simply contemplating the world with admiration and delight…» — Oscar Wilde


Browse through a magazine you wouldn’t normally pick up, or work on your next presentation in comfort as you look forward to an evening stroll, a glass of Franciacorta as an aperitif, and a delicious dinner. This is savoir vivre Donatz style. The traditional scent of pinewood is omnipresent, gently enveloping your mind and spirit like a warm blanket.

This gorgeous scent is synonymous with the Engadine. The Swiss stone pine, also called the Queen of the Alps, grows at altitudes of up to 2,500 m above sea level. Its characteristic fragrance brings a hint of the rugged beauty of the mountains into our living spaces. It serves as a reminder of just how much our homeland offers and the breathtaking beauty it presents to us and our guests.


Do you have small, big, or no plans for today? Will you be heading out with purpose, or allowing the day to unfold and just going with the flow? Whatever your plans, there’s no better way to start your day than with our exceptional breakfast buffet. Some fruit to start with, or perhaps a soft-boiled egg? A bowl of delicious muesli, or some fragrant mountain cheese? A glass of freshly squeezed orange juice revives the spirits. Life is full of decisions, so embrace them!

The breakfast room is spacious and bright and, just like in the lounge, the scent of pine wafts gently through the light-flooded space. Life is beautiful, and everything flows harmoniously when you start your day at the Donatz.

Our buffet is brimming with fresh delicacies from mostly local suppliers whom we all know personally. For the majority of these, we know how the animals are kept. It is important to us that everything you find on our breakfast buffet meets our animal welfare and species-appropriate husbandry standards. This applies to the entire culinary experience at Hotel Donatz.

Whatever your plans, our copious breakfast buffet ensures a perfect start to your day. Each day here in the Engadine is unique and special – and we look forward to hearing all about yours in the evening.


The 3-star superior Hotel Donatz is located in the centre of Samedan. The family business run by Cornelia and René Donatz features 25 cosy Swiss-stone-pine rooms, a Gault Millau Restaurant, and the Wine Bar. The Mineral Bath & Spa, Samedan railway station, bus stops, hiking trails and cross-country skiing trails are all in the immediate vicinity of the hotel. Especially popular are our events such as Big-Bottle Day, the Culinary Calendar and the changing programme of exhibitions by Swiss artists.

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Summer Season 
8th June to 10th November 2024

Winter Season 
27th November 2024 to 20th April 2025

Donatz Restaurant 
Tuesday to Saturday 
from 17:30 until 23:00

Donatz Wine Bar
Monday to Saturday 
from 16:00 until 23:00


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